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The History of Jazz

Listen, Understand, Love Jazz.
Our expert Franco Finocchiaro will guide us through 32 monographic sessions to discover the magic of great Jazz Music.

Every Wednesday, 20:00 to 21:00.

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UpGrade - Maximize Your Rap

Our very first Rap Course, in the hands of two of the most prominent artists in Italian hip hop: Kiave and Rido.
Would you like to know more?
It will be a pleasure to share it with you at our presentation on Monday 18th September at 19:00.

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Cluster Voices

Have you always wanted to be a public performer? Have you always dreamed of a concert tour with other professional choristers?

ClusterVoices is an experienced Soloists Choir, who performs at Cluster concerts and events.

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Enrol now 2017/2018

It’s not too late to enrol! Check our Music Programme 2017/18.

For all your enquiries, book your appointment directly at our School. Our opening times are Monday to Friday 10,30/21,00 and Saturday 10,00/14,00.

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Why Cluster

The school offers a peaceful yet professional atmosphere which is essential to support and develop everyone’s inherent talent, to nurture the natural joy of making music which each one of us possesses, to let Music be our precious companion for life!

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Cluster Music School occupies two floors of a striking 7000 square-foot building located in Via Mosè Bianchi, no. 96.

Next to Pime Theatre, the school houses 16 practice rooms.

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Choir course

Passion. Enthusiam. Desire to sing.
The very ingredients of one of the best and richest courses in the school. The repertoire is so diverse… gospel, pop, musical...

Do you like singing? Do you want to know what it’s like? Try a lesson!

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Standard course

The Standard Course is our main “pioneering” course. It’s a modular scheme based on age (children/teenagers/adults) and grade (beginners/intermediate/advanced) specially designed to allow students to learn according to their needs and targets.

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Children have always been the centre of our attention. We offer a range of music programmes and didactic work aimed especially at them.
Our tutors are highly qualified to teach children.
Beginners| Music Theory-Choir| Singing and Group Instrument playing...

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Pre-academic courses

Classic, Jazz and Rock&Pop. Pre-Academic Courses provide comprehensive preparation and study from Beginners to Diploma level.They are accredited as an international qualification and they can offer work opportunities within the AFAM organizations.

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International qualifications

Cluster is fully accredited by Trinity College of London, across a wide spectrum of assessments, graded examinations and diplomas, including instrument playing, singing, Jazz Rock&Pop and Classical Music.

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Related Courses

You can choose from among more than 50 Group Related Courses every week, sorted by age or grade: this is the secret to such a unique school, providing full Musical Training and a comprehensive basic Musical knowledge.

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Computer Music

Computer music is an exciting field, where you can learn how to make music with the integration of technology for a 360° music learning experience.
Do you want to know what it’s like? Try a lesson!

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Music Appreciation

Famous records, study of musical arrangement, sound and anecdotes.
What’s the story behind and within a Pink Floyd or Beatles record?
Music Appreciation will give you the answers!

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Our Teachers

All our Teachers have top-level relevant industry or professional expertise, they are exceptionally talented artists and very skilled tutors, offering students a compassionate, exuberant and enthusiastic approach to their work.

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Cluster Concert at Blue Note

Sunday 21st May h. 21:00 three young student groups performing at Blue Note. As part of Milan’s popular club official programme, we recommend you book in advance. It will be a memorable night, a captivating experience of the Cluster spirit: Music&Life!

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Cluster Music School has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:9008 since 22nd December 2015. It has been an accredited Music Training Body in Regione Lombardia since 10th May 2016.

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Cluster Children Choir were on stage as "niños de los descamisados" for Evita, the Musical, starring Malika Ayane, at the “Teatro della Luna” for three weeks, from 9th to 27th November 2016.

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Music Ensemble

Music Group Courses are the main feature of our school. Groups of students, guided by a teacher, create a Music Collection.

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Faber in mente

Cluster students star in the music project and cd Faber in Mente, to support Associazione Amici della Mente, a non- profit charity organization based at the Luigi Sacco Hospital.

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Siamo felici di comunicare che Chiara Savanco, allieva di pianoforte della nostra insegnante Alice Baccalini, ha vinto l'Exhibition Award per il voto più alto (grado sesto) dell’anno 2016 in Italia da parte del Trinity College of London. I nostri più sinceri complimenti! #ClusterMusic #MusicAndLife #ScuolaDiMusica #TrinityClassical